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Wide Selection Of Garden Plants And Flowers

Visit Our Garden Centre In Bilston

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Potted Plants And Trees

Pay Cliff Nicholls Garden Centre in Bilston a visit to see our wide selection of plants and flowers.  Whether you are a novice gardener or a professional, if you are looking for plants and flowers to decorate your garden, be sure to take a look as we have a great range suitable for any garden.  With new supplies coming in frequently, our selection is always expanding and changing.  We have plants and trees for each season and it is always worth visiting the garden centre frequently to everything that we have to offer.

Visit us today and see what you can find for your garden and if you need help, ask one of our friendly members of staff.  

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What we offer

Visit our Garden Centre today and look at our selection of the following items

Garden Ornaments
Railway Sleepers
Hanging Baskets

Garden Buildings
Garden Tools

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Visit Cliff Nicholls Garden Centre

Opening Hours

Monday: 8am till 4pm

Tuesday: 8am till 4pm

Wednesday: 8am till 4pm

Thursday: 8am till 4pm

Friday: 8am till 4pm

Saturday: 10am till 4pm

Sunday: 10am till 4pm

If you are in need of garden decorations or any other help with your gardening visit us at

317 Bilston Road,



Call Us: 07483 383716 / 01902 408008

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